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I am a graduated reflexologist specialising in stress reduction, improving overall wellbeing and rapid recovery.
I have a particular interest in relieving physical tension of neck, shoulders and back, especially sports injuries.
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    What can reflexology do for you ?

    A relaxation technique (also known as relaxation training) is any method, process, procedure, or activity that helps a person to relax; to attain a state of increased calmness; or otherwise reduce levels of pain, anxiety, stress or anger.
    The science of ‘subjective well-being’ suggests that as well as experiencing good feelings, people need: A sense of individual vitality to undertake activities which are meaningful, engaging, and which make them feel competent and autonomous. A stock of inner resources to help them cope when things go wrong and be resilient to changes beyond their immediate control. It is also crucial that people feel a sense of relatedness to other people, so that in addition to the personal, internally focused elements, people’s social experiences – the degree to which they have supportive relationships and a sense of connection with others – form a vital aspect of well-being.
    Pain relief
    Reflexology may be as effective as painkillers, according to a scientific survey carried out by UK researchers. Researchers at the University of Portsmouth found that people felt about 40% less pain, and were able to stand pain for about 45% longer, when they used reflexology as a method of pain relief.

    Who can benefit from reflexology ?

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    Pain relief

    This is really interesting …. check it out ! Researchers at the University of Portsmouth have found that people felt about 40 per cent less pain, and were able to stand pain for about 45 per cent longer, when they used reflexology as a method of pain relief. http://www.port.ac.uk/….  

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    Reflexology against seasonal allergies

    This spring season, I have noticed that many people suffer from symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing or itchy and swollen eyes. Even clients that usually are not bothered with spring allergies are complaining this year. Often the symptoms are confused with those of a cold. Usually, the itchiness is a prime indicator that […]

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    Reflexology and Pregnancy …

      How is reflexology helpful to women trying for a baby? Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive healing art that uses pressure points on the feet and hands to balance out other parts of the body. It aims to alleviate tensions and promote relaxation and can be beneficial for pregnancy or indeed, couples trying for a […]

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